Points to consider for picking the right jewellery for your D-day

If any girl in the world is given a chance to choose a day when she wants to look her best, it would undoubtedly be her… wedding day. No matter how expert a girl is in her fashion game, chances are that in her excitement about her D-day, she may just go wrong when she shouldn’t at all. And most probably it is the jewellery that fails to work in favour of the bride.

Thomas Sabo Wedding Jewellery

So if you are soon to be a bride, the below written is sure to help you look gorgeous on your most special day.

1.    Don’t overdo it:

Yes! No matter how much you love jewellery, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. It’s your day, the focus should be on you, and your jewellery should help accentuate your look rather than being the centre of attraction itself. Keep your jewellery to minimal.

2.    Which metal to go for:

Have you ever heard that gold is outdated? No? Well, because it’s never out of fashion, it’s the metal that has ruled the jewellery collection ever since its existence. Whatever be your wedding dress, the right kind of gold jewellery will definitely compliment it. But, what is important to note here is that the gold jewellery has to be the one gelling well with your attire and not just any gold jewellery. And for the best kind of gold jewellery in Birmingham, you can always visit the Jewellery Quarter; area best known for exquisite jewellery. For those who want to get Lil’ experimental with metals, but not at the cost of their wedding day look, can try doing it with the following tips:

  • If you are picking a white gown: Platinum or silver jewellery will enhance the look of your white gown and make you look like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.
  • If you are picking an ivory gown : Speaking of this creamy shade dress, what comes to mind is nothing but the metal has been treasured for its natural beauty and radiance… gold. Yes! The conventional yellow colour gold will suit the ivory colour gown perfectly.
  • If you are picking champagne gown: The warm tones of the beige colour will look best with gold, be it yellow gold or rose gold (which is currently enjoying its moment all across the world).
  • If you are picking a blush gown: Rose gold will be able to pull the bluesy undertones like anything. The pinkness in the metal will go hand-in-hand with the soft pink of the dress.

3.    Don’t buy jewellery before selecting the dress:

Choose the dress first and then select the jewellery that goes with it, doing the reverse might turn out to be a messy affair and land you in trouble. And, if you are a gold jewellery fan, don’t want to try anything other than your favourite metal, then there are specialists who can customise gold jewellery in Birmingham according to your dress. Approach them and see their magic working in your favour.

4.   Carry your own style:

Pick something that goes with your style statement. Don’t try to wear something you are not comfortable wearing. Your jewellery should speak about your happiness of being a bride and so, should be the one that makes you look confident.

5. Something that you can wear afterwards:

There’s no denying the fact that buying jewellery is an expensive affair which is why it is better to go with something that is versatile and can be worn even after your big day. Most brides have only wedding day in their mind while purchasing one of the most important and expensive jewellery of their life, which is not right as they are likely to repeat their jewellery.

jewellery show birmingham

Hope, these tips will work wonders for those who are all set to shop for their soon to happen wedding. Happy shopping, and do let us know how much this article helped you out.


Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise – December Birthstones Overview

Did you know before that person born in December is blessed to choose from a selection of three beautiful stones? December is a beautiful month, full of festive occasions, one of the biggest celebrations of the month is Christmas. The numerous Birthstones dedicated to this month are Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise all these gemstones share a common hue blue. All of them, have their own history, significance & benefits. Each stone is unique, has different qualities, all are extracted from the crust of the earth.

In this blog, you’ll be introduced to the amazing Birthstones of December, their benefits and the history. Every month has its own Birthstones & benefits for the wearer, coveted gemstones Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise are meant to adorn by people born in December.

Whatever your style or budget, one of December’s three Birthstones will match your personality and desires:


Tanzanite, a very rare and popular birthstone of December was discovered in Tanzania in the last 1960’s. It can be cut into multiple shapes and sizes; its bright, rich blue colour with undertones of purple makes it the most exclusive and modern choice. Tanzania remains an exclusive place for this stone to be found, it has gained huge popularity due to its price, softness and versatility.


Zircon is the oldest minerals on earth, found in different areas including Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania, Canada, and the United States. The name zircon comes from the Persian word zargun, meaning “gold-coloured”, available in a range of colours, but its blue colour will always remain highly popular.


The famous primary colour of December’s Birthstone, “Turquoise” is blue, but it differs in shades and transparency- from translucent to opaque. The name Turquoise dates back to the 13th century & has been admired since ancient times. Its colour ranges from powdery blue to greenish Robin’s egg blue. The Egyptians were the first who recognized and valued the stone, Turquoise promotes mental and spiritual clarity and helps improve trust, kindness and understanding.


You can find a huge variety of Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise jewellery at The Quarter. To know more, click here https://www.the-quarter.com/birthstones/.

Why Do Promise Rings Exist? Find Its Real Meaning and Significance

Promise Rings often misunderstood as engagement rings signify just what it says, a promise. These rings most of the times named as purity rings, pre-engagement rings, or commitment rings. They are oh so special & popular among young generations of today. The concept of giving promise rings might sound new but the tradition of using rings as a symbol of love or commitment has existed since ancient times. It’s a pre-matrimonial or pre-engagement trend which is still unknown to many people, read this hub to know the meaning of promise rings, the history behind these rings, what do they symbolize, why you should give one to someone, and how do they differ from engagement rings.

What Is a Promise Ring and Its Significance?

The meaning of promise rings varies between couples, but it mainly symbolizes a promise which is being made. They are a symbol of love, friendship, devotion, or a commitment of getting married in the near future. It’s not essential that a promise you make should be just for a marriage, but it can be a promise of engagement, commitment to one another or anything else. A promise ring can be gifted either to your friend, parents, kids or to a special someone. A true definition behind presenting a ring differs from couple to couple; you can even give a ring, in return, of getting a promise of leaving any bad habit like drinking or smoking from the significant other. It is more than just a ring; they are available in a variety of shapes and styles like a heart-shaped diamond ring, plain diamond, gem-studded bands, a yellow gold, white gold or platinum rings and a lot of other choices!


History of Promise Rings:

Don’t you feel like knowing when did the tradition of promise rings actually come into existence? The tradition actually dates back to several hundred years. In ancient times, bishops used to wear promise rings as a symbol of a spiritual marriage or union with the church. During the 2nd century BC, Roman brides wore these rings to signify permanence and strength, it is to be believed that Roman men claimed their women by presenting this ring. The promise rings originated in England in the 16th century, named as posy rings because they were engraved with romantic poems or short messages. During the Victorian or Georgian eras, acrostic rings were introduced, gemstones engraved in these rings were arranged to spell out a word such as regard or love. It’s only in the past decade that promise rings have become a popular trend. Earlier only the men used to gift a ring to women, but today both a women or men have opportunities to gift this ring. Also known as purity rings, purity rings have a great significance, they denote loyalty and fidelity. The reason why promise rings have conventionally been worn on the ring finger of the left hand is that there’s a vein inside which runs straight to the heart.

How Do They Differ From Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are different from promise rings, although commitment rings should not be taken lightly. Couples exchange engagement rings with a promise to marry in the future. Promise rings can be called as pre-engagement rings, but can never be defined as engagement rings. Engagement rings have such a sacred nature, but purity rings specify a commitment towards a relationship, a decision to remain celibate until marriage, a symbol of love, purity or have many other meanings.

So, dear readers, I’ve always thought of explaining the real truth behind promise rings and how they’re different from engagement rings.

I hope you’re now well educated about the topic, so now how you would choose a promise ring?

For any help or assistance, kindly visit us at https://www.the-quarter.com/.

Measure your Ring Size with Our Printable Ring Sizer

Why depend on the mandrel set and plastic ring sizer when you can try printable ring sizer or the string test to measure the ring size using the ring sizing chart shown below:


Yes! This chart will let you know your ring size without having to spend on mandrel set or ring sizer. How, you ask? Well, we have mentioned the names of the methods above and to practically implement them, read further.

Printable ring sizer:

This method requires you to know the diameter measurement of a ring that fits the fourth finger of the left hand.

  1. The very first step that you need to take is… get the ring size chart printed.
  2. When you have the chart with you, place your ring over the circle that you think is close enough to the size of your ring. You will get the size that matches the size of the ring and in case the size of the ring falls between two sizes, go for the larger one.

String ring sizer:

Like the previous method, in this method too you require a printed copy of the ring size chart given, and besides that, a plain piece of string.

  1. Take a piece of string and wrap it around your ring finger till the point it overlaps the string, and when it does, cut it at that point.
  2. Now, take this piece of string and line it with the ring size guide as given on the chart. The size on the sheet that matches the size of your string is your ring size. Again, if the size of the ring lies between two sizes, it’s better to go for the larger ring size.

Stating these two methods, we would also like to tell you that printable ring sizer is not a professional measurement and accuracy discrepancies may occur owing to various reasons, printer settings and stretch of the string being two of them. So, it’s better to consult a professional jeweller if you have doubts.

Well, this was just an idea that could help you get your ring size but we have also listed down some easy-peasy ring sizing tips, so go ahead, read and try it:

  • Choose snug fit – The size of the ring should be such that it should ‘slip in easily, come off hard’. If you follow this rule, you are less likely to lose it owing to the fitting.
  • Seasons affect your ring size – It might be surprising for many of you, but it is a fact that your fingers change their size all the year round. Yes! They do and specially during summers and winters. While they swell up in summers, they come back to what can be called as the original size, in winters.
  • Choose a size larger – Some may discover two different finger measurements or may notice how the same ring fits differently from time to time, if this is the case, go for the size that’s a bit larger or go for professional measurements. But remember, the size has to be only ‘Bit’ larger and not more.

We have only told you about the ring size in this blog, you still need to figure out what style you want to go for. If you have the ring of your choice in your mind, you can simply explore our website and approach the jeweller whose collection you like. If you are not sure of the ring type/style, then also our jewellers’ collection is likely to impress you. So, in the end, we would only like to say, Happy shopping!

Ditch the Diamond Ring For These Breathtaking Pink Engagement Rings

Why always a diamond engagement ring, we guess you haven’t seen these gorgeous Pink Engagement Rings yet? Here in this blog, you’ll explore some of the fascinating ring designs displaying charming pink diamonds. A traditional diamond ring is old-fashioned; you must try a coloured stone ring. And if a bride is non-traditional, then you should surely think of buying a unique ring option for her. Nothing could be better than a royal Pink Engagement Ring; it will help you stand out amongst a sea of enduring diamonds. It’s really not essential to invest only on the diamonds for your engagement ring, pink diamond rings along with other colourful rings are having a major moment. From Marquise to halos, pear to vintage, you’ll find almost every style to check out here. Pink diamond rings come in multiple hues: from light pink diamonds to warm stones such as morganite and garnet, to sapphires and other different colours. Pure pinks suit best to fair skinned brides, fuschia pinks favour dark skin tones, but to pick the right pink colour, it is important to understand your skin tone.

Browse through these stunning Pink Engagement Rings for inspiration:

Classic Pink Engagement Ring

Make your bride feel like a princess by choosing the Regal Pink Engagement Ring.  You’ve got bored of seeing a diamond ring, then you can buy this classic pink diamond ring that will always remain in trend.

Alternative Pink Engagement Ring

This marquise cut ring adorned with an ethereal pink-purple hue diamond along with sparkling white diamonds is an out of the box choice.

Modern Pink Engagement Ring


If a bride-to-be likes something modern but at the same wants an elegant ring, then presenting this delicate and Modern Pink Engagement Ring can bring a huge smile on her face.

Romantic Pink Engagement Ring

This Romantic Pink Engagement Ring is a great alternative to an expensive pink diamond ring. The ring you’re seeing here is studded with light pink hue diamond that makes the ring a stunner.

Vintage Pink Engagement Ring


If you were searching for something antique or vintage, then a ring shown here can completely satisfy any beautiful soul.

At the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, famous Birmingham jewellers stores a variety of Pink Engagement Rings that are available at best prices!  You should not miss a chance to visit the Birmingham Diamond District to find classic, vintage, romantic and different other varieties of Engagement Rings Birmingham UK and Wedding Jewellery Birmingham.

Birmingham Jewellery Shops to Enhance the Jewellery Shopping Experience

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can find everything from a small piece of thing to the expensive Jewellery online? Today, almost every brand is focusing on bringing their products online for purchase. Where jewelry has become the most eminent part of the women’s lives, the jewelry stores must have their existence on the internet. To make your jewelry shopping convenient and compelling for shoppers, Birmingham Jewellery Shops already have their online setup. These shops allow customers to find a huge variety of jewelry at one place with a single click.


There are multiple benefits of buying jewelry online, Birmingham Jewellery Shops stocks an assortment of styles like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and lots more! The complete concept of online jewelry shopping has transformed, women’s desires for pure, certified, alluring, overall the perfect jewelry to add to their stock. Different buyers have different tastes, some people search for the diamond jewelry, some want to buy gold jewelry, all these varied needs can be fulfilled online. You can choose from the latest, premium jewelry range, online jewelers offer amazing discounts and an assortment of schemes. They provide essential certificates and hallmarks for assuring high quality and purity. Shopping jewelry online is completely safe and secure, it is really a time-saving thing!

You’ll get many other advantages if you purchase jewelry online like it’s open 24/7 for you. People can place their order at any time they wish to. At Birmingham Jewellery Shops, you can find the widest range of jewelry in diamonds, gold, platinum, you can even ask for customization’s . Marlow’s Diamonds is a lavish online store that offers the most wondrous jewelry collection. Each piece of jewelry is expertly crafted, we make sure to satisfy different needs of customers by providing the best online services.

Our website showcases some of the best Birmingham Jewellery Shops, they are all recognized, sells exquisite jewelry designs, each creation you will find here is a masterpiece! You must plan a visit to these popular jewelry shops in the heart of Birmingham, The- Quarter.

Tips to Help you Decide Your Wedding Day Look

The world knows how specific girls are about their look, they can do everything that is required of them to look the way they have imagined. Be it any girl, of any country, religion or creed, wants to look her best on her D-day. And god forbid if the planning for her special-day-look goes against her will. Everything that the bride wears, counts and specially the jewellery that plays one of the most important part. This article is to guide the would-be-brides on how to select the jewellery that will accentuate and add shimmer to their most valuable day.


  • Select your dress first

Your dress should be first thing that you should think of buying before settling for any other thing of your wedding look. Jewellery has its own importance but it’s always the dress which is the hero of the day and this hero should be given the attention it deserves and having said that, jewellery should be decided based on the dress you pick.


  • Be understated

Once you are done deciding your dress, you can take the next important step of choosing the right kind of jewellery. Bridal jewellery should be such that it doesn’t overshadow the look of your dress, hence pick something which is little understated.

Also, keep in mind that you’ll be photographed and it’s not only the face, but also the hands that will feature the most in the wedding day shots, so wear a bracelet that will look amazingly beautiful on your hands. Talking about other pieces of jewellery, wear earrings that go well with your dress while keeping all the attention on your face.

Be it earrings, bracelet, necklace or any other bridal jewellery, you can find all these with Birmingham Jewellers.


  • Take into consideration your skin tone

Different metals will suit different skin tones. So, other than the type of dress, your skin tone should be the deciding factor in knowing whether you should go for gold, silver or platinum. When you visit Birmingham jeweller, make sure that you try all the options before finalizing the one that goes with your skin tone.

  • Mix and match

It’s not necessary for you to go the conventional way, you can be little experimental but do it only if you are too sure about it, else don’t risk your most special day’s look.

If you have beading on your wedding day gown, you can try pearl earrings. Can match tiara with your neck piece or can try some other ideas as well.

Hope the tips were useful and this article will assist you in finalizing your wedding day look.

Christmas time, buy Jewellery from Birmingham Jewellery Shops

Christmas is round the corner so gear up you all, it’s festive time. It’s time to rejoice, time to celebrate, time for gifts. Gifts make the occasion all the more special, the one who receives it gets happy for obvious reasons and the happiness of the one giving it crosses all the limits when he sees the receiver liking it. Gifts hold value only when they are appreciated by the receiver and so, in order to make it valuable, the giver has to think a lot, make a lot of calculations and then come to a conclusion. But when it’s about gifting a woman then what’s better than a piece of jewellery. And making the work of choosing the perfect jewellery  easy for all the boyfriends, husbands and brothers, are the Birmingham Jewellery Shops.


If you want to make the special woman in your life feel all the more special, then jewellery is the best thing you can gift her. She is the one and so don’t compromise when thinking of a gift for her. Birmingham jewellery shops have a lot of jewellery options to make her feel pampered and happy, so, you don’t have to worry. Only thing you have to think about is that whether you want to buy her gold, silver, platinum or diamond jewellery.

It’s Christmas time and so welcome the festival most awaited with your loved one in jewellery Quarter. Go to any Birmingham jewellery shop and let your lady love buy what she’s been desiring since long. And if you are up to buying gold for her then let us tell you about the three basic shades of gold:

Yellow Gold – This is what is the actual colour of gold. This is what most of us wear.
Rose Gold – This kind of gold is little pinkish in colour. It is not pure and is made by mixing copper with gold. Copper is what gives pinkishness to the gold.

White Gold – This one resembles platinum and looks good with diamonds and other precious stones.

Stop thinking and start shopping, it’s Christmas time. Come to us at marlows-diamonds.co.uk  and buy the jewellery you like. Merry Christmas!!

Never Miss a Chance to Visit Famous Birmingham Jewellery Shops

Throughout the Birmingham, ‘The Jewellery Quarter’ is the most exotic and interesting place to visit, where you can meet the famous & highly skilled jewellery makers. These top Birmingham Jewellers are renowned for offering a wide selection of high-quality jewellery. Having been a mecca of jewellery production since the 1800’s, here you can find the incredible pieces of precious jewellery including the Engagement Rings Birmingham, UK, Wedding Rings, Wedding Accessories, and lots more! All the jewellery lovers must visit the Birmingham Diamond District if they want to see the top UK Jewellers in all their glory.

 If you’re a keen shopper, then you cannot miss a chance to visit the Birmingham Jewellery Shops as you’ve everything readily available here. From diamonds to wedding rings, there’s something for everyone. It is not only a home to Birmingham Jewellers, but it also has the fascinating art galleries, museums, restaurants and bars. This historic and vibrant gem has a rich and varied jewellery trade and is responsible for around 40% of the UK’s jewellery production. You can always find something to suit any particular choice, once you know the best places to find enticing jewellery collection.


 Some of the amazing Birmingham Jewellery Shops located in The Jewellery Quarter are listed here:

  • Marlow’s Diamonds
  • Artfull Expression
  • Isabella Hart
  • Fat Cow Designs
  • Classic Diamonds
  • Crystalink Jewellery Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Design Centre
  • Stanley’s
  • Clear Water Diamonds and Much More!

You can browse through over 100 specialist retailers to find the perfect jewellery for yourself or for your loved ones. The stunning jewellery makers working there to this very day are trustworthy and valuable. A wide jewellery selection is all made to exceptional standards & the Birmingham Jewellers have such a fantastic reputation that you can buy jewellery anytime in complete confidence. People from over the globe usually come to see the finest and a diverse range of options in jewellery. You name it and they have it all, whether you are looking for Engagement Rings Birmingham, UK, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces or Christmas gifts in Birmingham. So this time, make sure to head to these iconic Birmingham Jewellery Shops.

To find more jewellery destinations in Birmingham, kindly visit us at http://www.the-quarter.com/.

Birmingham’s Top Five Restaurants You Can’t Miss

From Chinese to Italian to Mexican to Cosmopolitan Cuisine to Classic British food, the beautiful Birmingham’s city is well known for having top class Restaurants providing a good variety of high-quality food. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste, to ensure that you do not miss any of the entertainment along with delicious food, ‘The Jewellery Quarter’ has compiled some of the best Restaurants. If you are trying to decide where to dine in Birmingham, these restaurants will definitely help to add more fun hence, makes your dining experience amazing.
The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is nothing short of awesome, you need not think twice this time before you head out to dinner. You must plan a visit to these Birmingham’s Restaurants for having a gala time. Here are the top listed restaurants that shine vibrant, and not to be missed at any chance.
The Rectory Bar and Restaurant
The Rectory Bar and Restaurant is a calm place to dine situated in the calm oasis of St Paul’s Squares on the edge of the historic Jewellery Quarter, this restaurant is centered on providing relaxed, soothing dining experience. It is better known for modern surroundings, serving great quality of food and service.
The Vaults Restaurant and Bars
The ambition of ‘The Vaults Restaurant and Bars’ is to create a place which is modern and ultimately relaxing. This restaurant holds a chic eatery ad debonair lounge bar boasts private booths and metropolitan vibes infused with local contemporary art.
Henry’s Cantonese Restaurant
Next time when you step out for dinner, you can’t afford to miss the incredible Henry’s Cantonese Restaurant, known for its delicious Chinese cuisine with high-class service. Not surprisingly, they serve the best Chinese food.
Pasta di Piazza
If you love Italian cuisine, this restaurant is a must visit. You can miss everything, but not heading out to Pasta di Piazza for enjoying the authentic Italian food in relaxing surroundings.
The Jam House
The concept of ‘The Jam House’ Restaurant is absolutely unique and enthralling. They serve the best food, drink and live music! To keep yourselves entertained throughout the evening, this would be your ultimate destination.
To know more about Birmingham Restaurants, kindly visit us at http://www.the-quarter.com/restaurants/.