Birmingham’s Top Five Restaurants You Can’t Miss

From Chinese to Italian to Mexican to Cosmopolitan Cuisine to Classic British food, the beautiful Birmingham’s city is well known for having top class Restaurants providing a good variety of high-quality food. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste, to ensure that you do not miss any of the entertainment along with delicious food, ‘The Jewellery Quarter’ has compiled some of the best Restaurants. If you are trying to decide where to dine in Birmingham, these restaurants will definitely help to add more fun hence, makes your dining experience amazing.
The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham is nothing short of awesome, you need not think twice this time before you head out to dinner. You must plan a visit to these Birmingham’s Restaurants for having a gala time. Here are the top listed restaurants that shine vibrant, and not to be missed at any chance.
The Rectory Bar and Restaurant
The Rectory Bar and Restaurant is a calm place to dine situated in the calm oasis of St Paul’s Squares on the edge of the historic Jewellery Quarter, this restaurant is centered on providing relaxed, soothing dining experience. It is better known for modern surroundings, serving great quality of food and service.
The Vaults Restaurant and Bars
The ambition of ‘The Vaults Restaurant and Bars’ is to create a place which is modern and ultimately relaxing. This restaurant holds a chic eatery ad debonair lounge bar boasts private booths and metropolitan vibes infused with local contemporary art.
Henry’s Cantonese Restaurant
Next time when you step out for dinner, you can’t afford to miss the incredible Henry’s Cantonese Restaurant, known for its delicious Chinese cuisine with high-class service. Not surprisingly, they serve the best Chinese food.
Pasta di Piazza
If you love Italian cuisine, this restaurant is a must visit. You can miss everything, but not heading out to Pasta di Piazza for enjoying the authentic Italian food in relaxing surroundings.
The Jam House
The concept of ‘The Jam House’ Restaurant is absolutely unique and enthralling. They serve the best food, drink and live music! To keep yourselves entertained throughout the evening, this would be your ultimate destination.
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