Points to consider for picking the right jewellery for your D-day

If any girl in the world is given a chance to choose a day when she wants to look her best, it would undoubtedly be her… wedding day. No matter how expert a girl is in her fashion game, chances are that in her excitement about her D-day, she may just go wrong when she shouldn’t at all. And most probably it is the jewellery that fails to work in favour of the bride.

Thomas Sabo Wedding Jewellery

So if you are soon to be a bride, the below written is sure to help you look gorgeous on your most special day.

1.    Don’t overdo it:

Yes! No matter how much you love jewellery, you shouldn’t go overboard with it. It’s your day, the focus should be on you, and your jewellery should help accentuate your look rather than being the centre of attraction itself. Keep your jewellery to minimal.

2.    Which metal to go for:

Have you ever heard that gold is outdated? No? Well, because it’s never out of fashion, it’s the metal that has ruled the jewellery collection ever since its existence. Whatever be your wedding dress, the right kind of gold jewellery will definitely compliment it. But, what is important to note here is that the gold jewellery has to be the one gelling well with your attire and not just any gold jewellery. And for the best kind of gold jewellery in Birmingham, you can always visit the Jewellery Quarter; area best known for exquisite jewellery. For those who want to get Lil’ experimental with metals, but not at the cost of their wedding day look, can try doing it with the following tips:

  • If you are picking a white gown: Platinum or silver jewellery will enhance the look of your white gown and make you look like a princess straight out of a fairy tale.
  • If you are picking an ivory gown : Speaking of this creamy shade dress, what comes to mind is nothing but the metal has been treasured for its natural beauty and radiance… gold. Yes! The conventional yellow colour gold will suit the ivory colour gown perfectly.
  • If you are picking champagne gown: The warm tones of the beige colour will look best with gold, be it yellow gold or rose gold (which is currently enjoying its moment all across the world).
  • If you are picking a blush gown: Rose gold will be able to pull the bluesy undertones like anything. The pinkness in the metal will go hand-in-hand with the soft pink of the dress.

3.    Don’t buy jewellery before selecting the dress:

Choose the dress first and then select the jewellery that goes with it, doing the reverse might turn out to be a messy affair and land you in trouble. And, if you are a gold jewellery fan, don’t want to try anything other than your favourite metal, then there are specialists who can customise gold jewellery in Birmingham according to your dress. Approach them and see their magic working in your favour.

4.   Carry your own style:

Pick something that goes with your style statement. Don’t try to wear something you are not comfortable wearing. Your jewellery should speak about your happiness of being a bride and so, should be the one that makes you look confident.

5. Something that you can wear afterwards:

There’s no denying the fact that buying jewellery is an expensive affair which is why it is better to go with something that is versatile and can be worn even after your big day. Most brides have only wedding day in their mind while purchasing one of the most important and expensive jewellery of their life, which is not right as they are likely to repeat their jewellery.

jewellery show birmingham

Hope, these tips will work wonders for those who are all set to shop for their soon to happen wedding. Happy shopping, and do let us know how much this article helped you out.


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