Exploring Birmingham’s Historic & Vibrant Gem ‘The Jewellery Quarter’

The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is Birmingham’s Historic and Vibrant Gem. With a prestigious background & 100’s of jewellery retailers and designers, it is the UK’s top centre for jewellery. It’s a place not only to buy jewellery but to visit the best art galleries, museums, restaurants and bars. This area with a rich history spanning over 250 years has long been home to some of the most highly-skilled jewellery makers and goldsmiths. It started by small tradesmen that led to the expansion of the area with new streets, elegant properties and fantastic profits. This place is responsible for around 40% of the UK’s jewellery production, with some of the biggest names in the jewellery trade continuing to operate from this impressive area.

The Jewellery Quarter is famous for its Birmingham Jewellery Shops, having been a Mecca of jewellery production since the 1800s. It rapidly expanded during the19th century and being a designated conservation area with over 200 listed buildings & 30 restaurants, bars and cafes. All of which give the jewellery quarter a fascinating look and make it a vibrant place to work, live and play.

It is an interesting place that attracts jewellery lovers as you can get everything from diamonds to wedding rings being readily available. There’s something for everyone, a must visit for anyone that wants to see the top UK jewellers in all their glory. All the stunning jewellery present here is of such high quality that you can’t fail to fall in love with each piece offered to you. The Jewellery Quarter has a lot more for you to explore, on the top of the list is ‘The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter’ housed in an old jewellery factory, The Pen Room Museum is also worth a visit. Make sure to spend your quality time with the jewellers in Birmingham. You can try out the art and building trails to get a real feel for the area, seek the historic cemeteries with their intriguing catacombs or simply relax around Birmingham’s last remaining Georgian Square with its galleries, restaurants and bars.
All in all a trip to the Quarter is knowledgeable and enjoyable family day out. To rejuvenate yourself, do plan a visit to the heart of Birmingham, ‘TheJewellery Quarter’.

A Walking Tour of “The Jewellery Quarter” in Birmingham

The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham is a gem of a place with 100’s of jewellery retailers and designers. It is the most vibrant UK’s centre for Jewellery, Galleries, Museums, Restaurants and Bars. Jewellery collection of ‘The Quarter’ is impeccable, you’ll able to find everything you could wish for, ranging from engagement to wedding rings, diamond rings to diamond jewellery, or indeed anything else. This area is home to many top retailers and designers.
Here, you can browse through over 100 top designers providing the magnificent quality of jewellery. A trip to the quarter is not complete without visiting the famous jewellery Museum, which forms part of the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, the largest independent Museum trust in the UK. The Food Restaurants, Bars & cafes situated in Birmingham knows how to connect people, culture, food and stories altogether.
Want to know more about ‘The Jewellery Quarter’?
The Secrets to Share – There is a fascinating history of the Jewellery Quarter. During the 19th century, the taste for fashionable jewellery began to expand. Earlier the tradesman used to work from their homes or small workshops but now the time has changed. Many new properties, streets, and other businesses have taken place. Now, around 40% of the UK’s jewellery production happens in one and only ‘The Jewellery Quarter’. We have a prestigious background with a history spanning over 250 years, long been home to some of the highly skilled jewellery makers and goldsmiths around with top jewellers in Birmingham.
Jewellery Quarter Walk
The Beauty of Birmingham – Jewellery Quarter is one of the top destinations for jewellery lovers.
The top Jewellers of Birmingham offer a huge collection, including Wedding or Engagement rings, Stunning Diamond Jewellery, Ancient Gold Jewellery, etc. For a breathtaking jewellery, you need to browse over best jewellery shops in Birmingham. The Quarter provides rich and exclusive jewellery from specialist jewellers. Make sure you definitely visit the jewellery hub “The Jewellery Quarter” in Birmingham for the largest selection of jewellery.
Therefore, A Walking Tour Birmingham the “The Jewellery Quarter” is a knowledgeable and enjoyable family day out and a vibrant place to work, live and play.
To know more about The Jewellery Quarter, kindly log on to The-Quarter.

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Treat Your Loved One This Valentine’s Day with Something Special

Valentine’s day is the day when two people in love show their affection for each other and usually exchange gifts. It is a day to treat your lover to something special, jewellery can make an inspired gift choice; a lasting reminder of your love. It’s difficult to choose the best valentines gift for your beloved from the amazing range available. It is advisable to select a gift with personal appeal, including gold, silver, diamonds, etc. Your gift should reflect the style, taste and personality of the recipient. The idea of gifting a jewellery piece to the one you love is unique and incredible. It will not only brighten up the day itself, but also be a source of joy for years to come. Treating a loved one with the gift of jewellery is the perfect way to make them feel special.

Birmingham quarter
Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite as effectively as jewellery. Choosing jewellery for a valentines day is a daunting task because it follows an extremely difficult path where you not only have to match the standards of choice of your girl but also manage your budget efficiently. Valentine’s Day gifts may include eternity rings, bracelets, earrings or other statement jewellery available in Birmingham. The Rings of Birmingham jewellery shops can be the ultimate valentine’s day gift. Eternity rings are bound to take anyone’s breath away. Buying rings is a serious commitment and expression of undying love and taps into the true meaning of the day. Exchanging rings on the day is far more meaningful than giving other gifts.

One of the top destinations for jewellery lovers is none other than the beautiful city of Birmingham. Every jewellery shop in Birmingham has got an amazing collection of jewellery. The spark and shine of high-quality jewellery will never fail to impress your valentine and make her day extra special. Shopping jewellery from the stores of Birmingham can be an overwhelming experience. Every item here is itself a reason for you to celebrate.
To find jewellery stores in Birmingham, log on to The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham now.

Wonderful Restaurants, Food Shops, Bars and Cafes to Wine and Dine at The Jewellery Quarter

If you are looking where to wine and dine in Birmingham, The Jewellery Quarter has got you covered. This place is known for its best restaurants, bars, cafes and food shops. Birmingham knows how to connect people, culture, food and stories all together. Look at the list below as to where you want to spend your quality time in Birmingham.


The Rectory Bar and Restaurant

Food always brings happiness and love. The historic Jewellery Quarter has a unique and stylish Birmingham bar, with a great selection of food and drinks. This place is so relaxing and comfortable that you and your friends can have a great time together. And they also provide a private room for special parties and events.

The Vaults Restaurant and Bars

The Vaults – A place to relax and unwind. The booths here are perfect for romantic liaisons, intimate gatherings or informal meetings. A plenty of delectable choices, the set menu for parties is dinner party heaven and global tapas menu is ideal for an informal setting in the bar. Get ready for a magical experience at your new home.

Henry’s Cantonese Restaurant

For an exquisite dining experience, you should come to Henrys Cantonese Restaurant, located in the prestigious St. Paul’s Square in the city centre area of Birmingham. You will definitely love their mouth-watering Cantonese Cuisine along with first class service in an authentic Oriental surroundings. With a variety of over 200 dishes to choose from, you will be completely spoilt for choice.

Pasta di Piazza

Pasta di Piazza provides quality Italian food in authentic, and they use the freshest ingredients and take real pride in preparing quality food for their customers.

The Jam House

With unique interiors, Jam house is a one stop destination for food, drink and live music. A must visit place for a thrilling experience.

Food Shops:-

  • Tesco Express

  • Gregg’s

  • Subway

Bars and Cafes:-

The Red Lion

It is located in the heart of Birmingham’s historic and busting Jewellery Quarter. The Rocking beats and a smoking area of The Red Lion, it’s never dull.

Vertu Bar

Vertu Bar has restored and extended one of the Quarter’s traditional buildings. It has a unique and stylish look, with a comforting, homely feel. You can also hire it for parties.

Apres Bar

Apres offering everything from the finest coffee to all-day eating and drinking. It has family friendly environment, and the menus have been fashioned to ensure the widest range of choice.

The Rope Walk

They are serving varied pub food menu and house specialists. The Rope Walk offer live pub entertainment on weekend evenings.

Too Many Festivities this Christmas with The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

Christmas is around the corner of the calendar and we’re all already excited because it comes with so much fervor and excitement that everything else just fails. Since we have Christmas falling at the close of the month of December and it’s also going to be a few days for the New Year after just a week’s time, therefore it is best that you pick the best gifts or just plan a vacation with friends and family.

new christmas_nights-wide

While you’re still looking out for gifts, have you ever wondered what it would be like to choose jewellery as a gift? If not, then probably it is the best time that you choose gold and diamond jewellery as a presentable gift item or if a certain piece of jewellery impresses you, then Christmas is the best time to flaunt all that you have.

Festivities and Christmas go hand and hand and in order to keep the bond strong The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham has brought an amazing collection of shops that are dedicated to sell out the best jewellery in UK at exclusive prices. Other than that it also promises to bring for you a number of shops that have a fabulous collection of watches that are loved by both men and women.

If jewellery and watches please you then it is probably the best time that you choose from a huge collection that is available at a number of destinations listed beautifully in The Jewellery Quarter.

Apart from all the shopping, if you’re planning a private vacation to leave back your monotonous life the choose destinations that are listed in The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. The affordable cost and the amazing destinations will make you go head over heels.

For more information, log on to Jewellery Quarter Birmingham .

Wedding Rings for an Extravagant Wedding Affair

Wedding are an extravagant affair and certainly the most important day for the wedding couple, because it is the most awaited day of their life, especially if you’re a girl. Girls have this inborn love for weddings and they want to make theirs a truly special one with all the efforts that they can put in- selecting jewellery and clothes are just a part of it.

The first most important thing to do to make a wedding a truly memorable affair is to select the right jewellery for the bride followed by selecting clothes for both. However, choosing jewellery is not as simple as it seems, because it follows an extremely tough path where you not only have to match the standards of choice of the bride but also manage your budget efficiently; you just cannot afford to lose everything for jewellery.


One of the best assets in jewellery is selecting the Wedding Ring in Birmingham  and this must be done rather carefully; since wedding ring is both for a bride and the groom it is essential that you keep in mind their choice but also keep a track of the designs and the estimated budget. As far as a good ring is concerned, you will certainly find the one with all your hard work and with the right jewellery store. The ring that you choose must be a durable one apart from the quality and the material that you choose to make it from.

Marriages in UK are a great thing to watch and selecting wedding rings isn’t really tough because the Quarter Squares in Birmingham has listed a variety of jewellery stores that has an exclusive collection of wedding rings, each of which bring happiness in the life of your loved ones.


The Quarter Squares in Birmingham has the one stop destination for stores exclusively selling out Wedding Rings. The two most renowned stores listed here include:

  • Marlow’s Diamonds
  • G.H Moore & Son

These two stores have the finest collection of wedding rings in UK, while each ring has been made in a manner that it speaks volumes for you.

For more information, log on to Wedding Ring in Birmingham .

Wedding Accessories in Birmingham- Make Your Marriage a Memorable Affair

Your marriage is certainly one of the most memorable affairs of your life and anything that adds fervor to it is loved and welcomed by all. Making a marriage into an extravagant affair starts with jewellery; the wide range of jewellery collectibles and the ever changing needs of women affect the sale of jewellery considerably.

41339d87-dc4d-4026-be2b-c1a52b0ebafe~rs_768.hSince the beginning of the marriage happens to be with a ring, therefore it is believed that a ring is the most important part of a jewellery item and requires a lot of attention both from the wearer and the one who’s choosing it. Rings are available in a variety of designs and each design has something new and elegant to display for all women. The most common chosen material for ring is either gold or silver.

Gold wedding rings have become the trend and these rings mark the status symbol, while even the idea of silver rings isn’t really denied. If you’re fond of rings and have an understanding of choosing them, then you can choose between either gold or silver wedding rings.


The best quality and range of  Wedding Rings in Birmingham is available at the Quarter Square and it has a huge collection of the best in class rings; it displays the rings that are high in quality and extremely amazing in the patterns. Look into the quality of each ring before you buy it.

Here’s what you need to check before buying a ring for your wedding day:

  • Material of the Ring: A wedding ring is available in both gold and silver, but you have to select the metal of your choice to make sure that the ring adds a special element of passion and love to your wedding.
  • Choose an Exclusive Design: Since your wedding is a onetime affair and because you want it to be a memorable one, therefore it is important that you pick the right design, something that looks both traditional and classy.
  • Select a Gemstone if you want to buy a gemstone studded ring: Gemstones add a special look to the ring and buying gemstone studded ring makes the lady’s hands look amazing. However, when you’re choosing a gemstone studded ring make sure you are never cheated on during the selection of the gemstone.
  • Be Selective and Careful with Budget: Since you never want to exceed your selected budget, therefore it is important that you choose a ring that fits your budget.

Log on to http://www.the-quarter.com/ for more details on wedding rings in Birmingham.

Extravagant Engagements with Extraordinary Engagement Rings in Birmingham, UK

Weddings are an extremely extravagant affair and they come with a lot of fun excitement not only in the lives of those who’re getting married but also in those who’re directly or indirectly involved in it. The shopping spree that comes with weddings and its planning is indeed one of the best aspects of marriage. However the initial step to a marriage is an Engagement and that too is a special affair for both families.
the-quarter product
Just before an engagement the most important thing that you have to do is finding the right engagement ring. A perfect engagement ring does not necessarily is the one that is studded with the brightest diamond, rather it can be simple one, but impressive. However when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for the woman you’re marrying picking the one that’s studded with a gemstone is the ultimate choice.
If you’re looking for a perfect, exclusive and an extraordinary engagement ring in Birmingham, UK, then the one stop destination is indeed the Jewellery Quarter. The Jewellery Quarter has served the people of United Kingdom for more than two centuries now and each wedding ring that is available here is the best and exquisite. Right from the design to the cut of the stone everything in the ring is perfect and complements each other thing.
Gold Jewellery in Birmingham is another thing that is best available at The Jewellery Quarter at extremely affordable rates. The elite designs made of real gold intrigue the onlookers to such an extent that they cannot resist buying the jewellery from the sore.
If you are looking for a delightful collection of the best Engagement rings for the special day, then, log on to http://www.the-quarter.com/ for more information.

Discovering the Beauty of Jewellery in Birmingham

One of the top destinations for jewellery lovers is none other than the beautiful city of Birmingham, a metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England. The beauty of the city is definitely amazing but there’s another thing that makes it prettier-
“The Awe Inspiring Jewellery Collection”
london jewellers

 Birmingham’s jewellery and the dedicated jewellery stores is an asset here and an amazing collection is revealed at every store. The spark and the shine in each jewellery item is evidence that great effort has been put in the process of making some most amazing pieces. The flawless making coupled with a flawless presentation increase the sale of jewellery Quarter in Birmingham several folds and you will see most of the city’s people adorned in exclusive jewellery items.
Shopping jewellery from the stores of Birmingham doesn’t need an occasion, because every item here is itself a reason for you to celebrate. A popular destination for women Birmingham has become a renowned city and its collectibles are indeed a very pleasant surprise for all. Having the most number of jewellery associated stores it would not be wrong to state that Birmingham is a capital for fashion jewelry.

Whether you’re looking for traditional designs or the most modern ones, you can be sure that this is the city that’ll have it all for you. From the jewellery designs of 50’s and the 60’s to the ones of the 21st century, you can be proud to wear these collectibles and to give a sense of exquisiteness to your body.

Jewellery is Mesmerizing! Jewellery is a woman’s first love and nothing can replicate or replace this overwhelming love!

Of course, The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham takes this love one step ahead by displaying an array the most exquisite and exclusive jewelry items for all who visit the city. The awe inspiring collection and the ever lovely looks of a woman complement each other and make the Perfect Match!!

Log on to http://www.the-quarter.com/ for more details.

The Ashes 2015- A Historical Cricket Win for England at Edgbaston Cricket Ground

The 2015 Ashes series is the test cricket match series being played between England and Australia. In 2015 Ashes series, 3 test matches has been played between England and Australia. And now, England leads the series with 2-1 in front of joyful edgbaston crowd.
The biggest Test Match Series in the world is returning to Birmingham after the England and Wales Cricket Board announced that Edgbaston Stadium would stage England vs. Australia in the Third Ashes Test Match.

ashes-2015                                                                                England Vs Australia

The venue also known as Edgbaston Cricket Ground –The appearance on this ground was more than 100,000 over the five days of play from Wednesday, July 29, to Sunday, August 2, 2015.
What you know about this ground? Let’s discuss something more about Edgbaston cricket ground.

History of Edgbaston Cricket Ground:

Edgbaston cricket ground                                                                                  Edgbaston Cricket

Edgbaston Cricket Ground, a cricket ground exists in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham. This ground also known as the “Country Ground” or “Edgbaston Stadium”. It is a home to Warwickshire Country Cricket Club and is also used for test matches, one day internationals and Twenty20 internationals. With almost permanent seating for 25,000 spectators, Edgbaston is the second largest cricketing venue in the United Kingdom, after “Lord’s Cricket Ground” in London.
Situated in the country suburb of Birmingham, it was established in 1882. It was the youngest of England’s six regular test grounds, until Chester-le-street was inaugurated in 2003.
Edgbaston made its debut in 1902, when England and Australia played a test from May 29-31 and an ODI between the same teams on August 28, 1972. With a crowd capacity of 21,000, it was voted ideal for One-dayer’s as well. It hosted just four Tests in its first 27 years, but upon re-entering the circuit in 1957, it was considered to be the most state-of-the-art ground in the country, with the Thwaite Memorial Scoreboard, constructed in 1950, among the most notable features.
A new phase of renovation got underway at the end of the 1990s, which, partially funded by lottery money, resulted in the Edgbaston Cricket Centre and the £2million Eric Hollies stand. The ground was the scene of Brian Lara’s world-record 501 not out, against Durham in 1994, and in 1999, played host to perhaps the single greatest one-day match in history – the tied World Cup semi-final between Australia and South Africa in 1999.

Birmingham- a city of culture

image                                                                               Birmingham Street

As already said that Edgbaston ground is situated in Edgbaston, an area in city of Birmingham. Birmingham is a metropolitan borough in the west midlands, England. So, if you are coming to enjoy this test series. Birmingham is an amazing city, and there are probably a few interesting and quirky facts here that you never knew about. Some of them are as follows:

  • Birmingham is much, much older than you think.
  • Audio sampling started in Birmingham.
  • Birmingham takes St Patrick’s Day very seriously indeed.
  • The Football League started here.
  • Lord of the Rings is basically set here
  • Every area has its own tribe
  • We are a celebrity factory!
  • There are many religions here, but we all worship food
  • Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t from Sodor – he’s a Brummie.
  •  It’s a paradise for arty types


Except all these, Birmingham is also known for the world’s most highly goldsmiths and jewellery makers. The “Jewellery Quarter Birmingham” area of Birmingham has a prestigious background with a history spanning over 250 years. It is also known as Europe’s largest concentration of businesses involved in the jewellery trade, which produces 40% of all the jewellery made in the UK.
So, if you are in Birmingham for Ashes Series 2015 or planning to visit, then don’t miss these Places of Birmingham. We guarantee that you will return home with the unforgettable lifetime memories and experience a new world on earth.